Learn music fundamentals, software, and production. Understand how to read sheet music or improve your singing voice. Simply choose what you want to learn and make the first step into the magical world of music.

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Frequently asked questions

How to learn music online and get results?

There are different approaches to learning music online. You can enroll in an online music course and watch how-to lessons at your pace. Online courses are great for self-organized people.

Some of us prefer individual classes and a dedicated tutor for faster results. This way, you simply find the tutor to learn music with and get all the attention during the video sessions.

On Grinfer, you can choose any option — learn music by watching online courses or book a tutor to go faster.

Can I still learn music if I’m an adult?

It’s always the right time to start to learn music — regardless of your age. All you need is to actually make the first step. Choose what exactly you want to learn — play piano, guitar or6 maybe read sheet music. Then, get an online course in music, or find a tutor to help you with the basics. Set small goals and take one step at a time. More importantly, enjoy the process and believe in yourself.