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Learn fine art with our online video courses and masterclasses that will take your creativity to the next level! Our awesome online video tutorials on drawing, painting, illustration, sketching will help you to lift your spirits and master your art skills while you are on your way to becoming a great artist!

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Frequently asked questions

How to learn fine art online?

Whether you want to become really good at drawing, make beautiful art with acrylic paint, master watercolor and oil techniques, create a cool comics book, or just do sketching for fun, get yourself on the learning path! Pick any course that inspires you and go for it! Or book a consultation with one of our awesome art tutors and start individual lessons to get your results even faster.

Where to learn fine art?

Browse art courses on Grinfer and you’ll find lots of inspirational, flexible, and self-paced classes to master your skills with. A huge collection of on-demand courses covers all topics in art — oil and watercolor painting, acrylic painting, cartoons and comics books creation, sketching, and even plenty of art therapy courses!