PREMIUMWhat is the REAL purpose of human relationships?

Oct 20, 20211m read
What is the REAL purpose of human relationships?
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Have you ever wondered what the purpose of human relationship is?

Many would say, “Connection is a fundamental human need.”

This is definitely true.

But let’s get a little deeper.

Have you noticed that the closer you get to someone (whether in a friendship or in a partnership), the more your insecurities & personal issues come up?

It’s as if the other person reflects back to you all the big and small wounds you have.

It’s so easy to blame the other person “for being so… (fill in the blank)”

What if instead, we start considering that if something is constantly being reflected at us, then it’s a reflection of something we carry inside of ourselves and that it’s worth looking at?

Isn’t it fascinating that each human relationship serves the purpose of a mirror to our internal worlds?

Someone not loving and appreciating you may be a reflection of you not loving and appreciating yourself.

Someone being controlling towards you may be a reflection of you giving away your power.

Someone not acting in integrity with you maybe a reflection of you not having healthy boundaries.

Running away from one person to another will not stop the issues from being reflected at you.

We have relationships with people so that we can see our wounds closely.

When we are aware of our wounds, we stop running and numbing.

When we stop running, we take the journey inwards.

That’s when our healing starts.

So remember relationships are the biggest allies in your healing journey!

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