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Using a Blogger is a mistake
  • Feb 22, 2021
  • 2 minutes

Using a Blogger is a mistake

Blogger is one of a number of different blogging platforms out there, but it is not the most ideal way to go for most blogging purposes. While there are benefits of using Blogger when you are just starting out when it comes to blogging, using Blogger is a mistake later on when you are trying to grow and develop your blog. 

Not only is Blogger not ideal because it is a hosted blog that you do not have as much control over, but there are also a number of features that some blogging platforms offer that Blogger hasn’t even come close to offering. 

The reason why blogging platforms like WordPress are considered to be ideal is that WordPress offers a number of extremely important features that Blogger isn’t making available yet.

First of all, you can set a WordPress blog up to automatically ping RSS and blog feed directories each and every time that you make a blog post. This is an extremely powerful blogging feature, at least if you are looking to generate a large amount of traffic for your blog right away. On top of this, because WordPress will be doing all of the pingings for you, you will be creating a lot of automatic backlinks to your blog almost instantaneously.

Think about how long it would normally take you to build a website, get the search engines to pay attention to it, earn backlinks from other pages to improve your search engine listings and start earning traffic. Instead of having to do all of this work yourself, consider creating a WordPress blog that will do all of the work for you automatically.

Secondly, WordPress allows the use of categories, which are a really powerful way for you to improve the structure of your website, not only for human visitors but also for search engines as well. If the main topic of your website is widgets, for example, then you can create a category for blog posts about black widgets, another category for green widgets, and finally a category for orange widgets. 

Then when you add posts to your blog, you can decide which categories the post belongs to. Then your blog will automatically archive all of your posts not only by the month and the date but also by the category that the post most closely corresponds to.

If you have a visitor that is especially interested in widgets of a certain color then, they can easily find all of your posts on that particular subject rather than having to go through all of your archives to find a certain post.

WordPress and other similar blogging platforms offer a wide variety of additional options and features that Blogger simply cannot offer. While Blogger is an excellent jumping-off point for brand new blogs in certain situations, it is by no means a good answer on a long-term basis.

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