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Top 5 priorities when eating out
Health & Fitness
  • Jan 12, 2021
  • 2 minutes

Top 5 priorities when eating out

Tonight I'm going out for dinner. Because I've been doing quite well on the nutrition front recently, I want to get through the evening without spoiling that. So I went looking for tips and ended up at "The primal blueprint guide to eating out". It didn't look very promising, with tip 3 being "Don't eat". I eat out perhaps once every two months so I'm damn well going to enjoy it! Besides, the whole point of this diet is to improve your quality of life.

Tip 5 was to make special requests, claim allergies if it is necessary  - anything to get some primal food. But I know myself, I'd be fussing and worrying the whole time, unable to let it go and enjoy the night. Plus I'd spent the next couple of hours dreading to face the waiter with all my requests.

I truly wish I could just forget about paleo for tonight, but that won't do either. I'd feel like a glutton, secretly feeling sad and guilty inside. Fretting over whether I'm really so lacking of any willpower, 'why oh why' etc. Not exactly a recipe for enjoying a night out. I'd also constantly be worrying about the physical consequences in store for me tomorrow. So, I came up with a list of priorities, things most important for my mental and physical health. 

Keeping these 5 points in mind should get me through the night without all the fussing and worrying.

1. Avoid gluten

There are more things lining up to destroy our guts, but gluten seems to be the worst offender. Hopefully, by avoiding them I'll be better able to handle some ice cream for dessert. Besides, sometimes gluten seems to make the stomach swell. So it's an old and often mentioned tip.

2. Get some protein and veggies

The protein shouldn't be a problem - even if I weren't thinking of my health I'd still want a nice piece of fish or a big steak. They don't seem to serve a lot of vegetables these days though, so I'm planning to order a salad on the side. Veggies serve to fill people up and help to be moderate with other less desirable things. I'm also plenty indoctrinated with the 'veggies are good for you!' idea.

3. No soda

I think cola is nasty, but some ice tea or fresh orange juice is very tempting. However, since we'll be drinking plenty throughout the night I'll stick to 1 or 2 glasses of wine, water, and tea. This will give me a good feeling mentally since I'll be doing something right.

4. Portion control

I really, really like potatoes. So even though they're not paleo, I'll have some of those. But they tend to give you a whole lot of them. I'm not really good with portion control to be very honest, so I'll ask the others to keep the extra's away from me. They know about my eating habits so they'll understand.

5. Dessert

Dessert is always very enjoyable, but rarely paleo. As I said at the beginning of this post, paleo is about improving the quality of life. That also means enjoying some vices that are not necessarily very sensible. During my lifetime I'd like to taste every kind of food in the world. So the master plan is to really enjoy it and take a bite from some other desserts too.

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