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The rise of multi-hyphenate in the film industry
Fine Art
  • Sep 17, 2021
  • 3 minutes

The rise of multi-hyphenate in the film industry

Greek philosopher Aristotle notably said,

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." It is widely advocated that one should always do what they are passionate about and what they love. While choosing a career, an individual should honestly ask themselves their genuine desire and listen to the echoes of their heart and mind by pursuing their favorable niche. This sparks immense creativity in their work and takes them to phenomenal heights.

However, if one is interested in more than one vocation, then the question arises which one to choose? The answer is simple. Follow all of them! Yes. Following multiple careers is not something unusual. One can easily follow more than one occupation if they deem fit. It is paramount not to ignore your desires in life by practicing what you love.

The real challenge is to maintain your life in a constructive demeanor to prevent chaos or mismanagement. An individual who wishes to pursue multiple vocations should plan their journey ahead of time. They should acquire relevant knowledge about their respective fields and assess the risks and dangers before toiling on their way to success. This would help them prevent burnouts or a state of havoc.

One notable industry where numerous artists have turned into multi-hyphenates by pursuing multiple vocations in showbiz. They produce exceptional work of dramatic arts through their top-tier expertise in film production, direction, writing, and acting. There are instances when actors are not only limited to performing in the films but are also involved in the production.

Numerous examples are noticeable in the world of films that have made masterpieces that have been premiered and praised across the globe. When asked how to flawlessly manage their professional life, which is stacked with multiple professions, they claimed through strategic and well-thought planning.

Listed below are some notable multi-hyphenates in Hollywood who have excelled in performing and producing films and other forms of art;

Brad Pitt: A top-grade actor and producer who is known for his versatility as he is for his handsome face physique.

Bradley Cooper: The three-time Oscar nominee has built a career out of meticulous dedication, with a voracity for getting to the heart and soul of every character he plays. Further, the charismatic artist also learned exceptional filmmaking skills, which can be seen in the movie ' A star is born.'

Elizabeth Banks: Apart from starring as Bosley in the 2019 film "Charlie's Angels," Banks also served as the film's producer and director. While speaking with Independent, Banks remarked, "My hope is that more and more women get to do every job behind the camera."

Jennifer Anniston: The famous actress from Friends went on to create the company Echo Films. Behind the scenes, she is credited as an executive producer for the Apple TV+ series "The Morning Show," where she stars alongside Steve Carrell and Reese Witherspoon. Meanwhile, Aniston executive produced the film "Dumplin'," where she also starred.

Another exceptional artist who is going great guns in the film industry is the phenomenal artist Julianna Pitt. The Polish-American artist started her journey as an actress in 2007 and stepped into the world of directing in 2019. She is a fine example of a lady practicing multiple professions as she has excelled in acting, directing, and writing (delete: and whatnot). Her ever-growing success proves that exhibiting numerous occupations is not complicated, and one can achieve substantial success in it if done correctly.

The lady of dreams is best known for her role on HBO's "High Maintenance," recurring role as "Ellen" on ABC's "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23," and her role as "Lola" in the feature film "Sanctuary." She trained at Sanford Meisner's Playhouse West in Los Angeles and The Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Theatre in New York. Julianna has performed for several networks and many national commercials. She has been in two films at the Cannes Film Festival. The beautiful artist also starred in the musical "The Fantastic Clown Club," and played a supporting role in "Choices," which won Best Narrative Short. Julianna also comprises top-grade writing skills evident in an 8 episode psy-fi series and a psy-fi medical pilot.

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