Steps to convert freelancing into a career in 2021

Jan 14, 20212m read
Steps to convert freelancing into a career in 2021
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Freelancing is the same as owning a business. In the initial stages; you will have to carry many tasks by yourself related to marketing, making invoices, you’ll have to negotiate a contract by yourself, manage your website, create a network, and with it on-going learning that will provide you to understand the digital market better.

Following are some significant steps to convert freelancing into a career.

1. Don’t plan just jump in

If you wish to become something the main step is to start, actions count this step as the first and the most important core step to becoming a freelancer which at the start you may doubt and even hate. Yes, jump in and take notes, involve yourself in the process don’t leave your job at this stage just maintain it, for the time being, make up some startup cost that you may require as an investment later when you pursue freelancing as a career.

2. Make a plan

Now you are a step ahead, which makes you well aware of what is required to become a better freelancer. Design an outline, clarify your goals. Question yourself what you wish to achieve make up your mind to face hurdles and execute plans for the sake of long-term freedom and peace. This is the time you must give to your insecurities or else later on the journey will get tough.

3. Set your Rates

In the initial stages of freelancing, you’ll have to be more patient with rates. Do good research about the right rates to compete in this big global market. For that, you will have to undercharge at the beginning. Experts prefer to provide your services at hourly rates. Measure the estimated time you spend on particular projects, this will help you in becoming a full-time freelancer.

4. Focus on your Ideal clients

Get to know your customers, and with whom you best work. This mainly depends on work style and pay rate, not on your mood. Learn to provide value to your clients with quality content this part will make your journey a lot easier.

5. Promote your self

You don’t need to play ads about your service over the local newspaper; you can promote yourself without any type of investment over social media platforms, be willing to reach out to the scoped audience that will benefit your freelancing career.

6. Create a strong Network

Keep a strong connection with your audience to get referred by them to their family and friends that is going to bring a lot of new work. Make a community that inspires you to grow. Give importance to small talks that will ace your communication skills.


With this said, you are assured to convert freelancing into a professional career. But for a successful freelancing career, you may know it’s more important to be patient throughout the journey. You will see failures, don’t lose hope, or doubt your skills. Learn what you lack. At times you will see your clients leave. The hardest part is finding one. And if you don’t set your mentors this will end up leaving you with complete loss. From today create habits that profit your freelancing career.

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