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Sprouting for energy
Health & Fitness
  • Jan 12, 2021
  • 2 minutes

Sprouting for energy

There are a huge variety of nuts and seeds that you can sprout.  You can sprout mung beans but this method can be used to sprout any other seeds you want to sprout.

The power of sprouts. Soaking and sprouting seeds in water release the seeds' dormant energy and begin to predigest the amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates in the seeds making it easier for you to digest and utilize the nutrients, giving you lots of energy. The nutrients in sprouts are the total nutrients needed to sustain life and develop a living plant. Amazing. This gives you an idea of the full spectrum of macro and micronutrients seeds have available.

Sprouts are known to possess vital nutrients you won’t find in processed foods. They have been known to slow down the aging process. Sprouts have done well for me.

For those who have flipped through all the recipes in the easy veggie meal plans, you may have noticed several recipes that call for mung beans or other soaked or sprouted seeds. This blog will be helpful to you if you are not familiar with this process.

The first thing when buying seeds is to get organic seeds. There are a lot fewer chemicals in organic seeds, so buy organic whenever you can.

SPROUTING: Once you have your seeds, get yourself a glass jar like a big Mason jar or some type of glass bowl. Pour enough seeds to cover the bottom of the jar or bowl and then pour water about 1-2 inches above the seeds. It may seem strange to only pour a small number of seeds into such a big jar, but the seeds will grow to fill up most of the jar. If you don’t have a sprouting lid, pick a lid to gently lay on top. Pick a lid that will still let air in or lay a cloth on top of the jar — otherwise, you’ll kill the beans! They need oxygen.

Let the container of seeds sit for 8-12 hours. If you start the seeds in the evening, you’ll be ready to change the water in the morning before you start your day. This is a great way to rinse and make the sprouts on your schedule! Keep a container of seeds out of the sun. You may not sprout some seeds this long. Actually, most seeds won’t sprout this far.

After the first 8-12 hour soak, drain the water, then re-fill the jar with fresh water and re-seal. Then let the seeds sit again for another 8-12 hours. Check the beans in the evening to see if they need a third soaking. If so, just rinse and re-fill the water for another 8-12 hours. Usually, you’ll need 2 days minimum then you’ll have enough sprouts for 1-2 weeks. Anytime you are sprouting seeds into full sprouts, the process will take 2-4 days. So be a little more patient and keep rinsing morning and night.

You’ll have superfoods for days. Once mung beans are sprouted, you’ll see little tails on the beans. This means they’re ready to be eaten! Once sprouted, they have a lot more Vitamin C, and they’re a great source of protein, amino acids, calcium, iron, and potassium.

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