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Social media ideas: how to brand and boost your business
  • Nov 17, 2020
  • 3 minutes

Social media ideas: how to brand and boost your business


YouTube can be a great vehicle to share your videos, but remember that it is also the #2 search engine on the Internet, so your videos can multi-task to help pull searches. Just like meta tags on web pages can be optimized to boost search engine visibility, your video titles, descriptions, and tags can be "peppered" with search phrases that help educate the search engines and your prospective customers about what each video is about. If you already have a YouTube channel, go back and make sure your titles, descriptions, and tags are key phrase rich. In this example, Santa Barbara jeweler Calla Gold has a video of her speech in New York labeled with the search phrase "Santa barbara jeweler" in the title to be search-ready.

To give your YouTube channel more professional polish, you can optimize it with a custom background design. Like Twitter, you can have a background that had your logo, business description, and images. When you are logged into your YouTube channel, visit the "Edit my channel" and under "Appearance" you will see a background image area to add the artwork too. Below is an example of a customer YouTube background design.

Customized YouTube channel page

YouTube has changed its channels to offer owners more features. So be sure to log in to your account and make sure it has a good name and description since potential subscribers will see this when previewing your channel. You can also add links to websites or other social media accounts, so take advantage of that to help integrate your social media marketing.

Google+ for Business

The newest social media professional option for small businesses is Google+. Google+ business pages can be a new social media avenue to help you connect with customers. Like other social media marketing, Google+ for business allows you to share content, links, photos, and promotions. Reviews can be posted on Google+ and you can create circles that allow you to share the right things with the right types of customers for more meaningful marketing messages. The "hangouts" feature where you can do video conversations is a strong distinction compared to the other social media channels. You can optimize your profile to have a feed from your blog, photos, videos, and a robust "about page" description. Your "about page" description can also have links back to your website which is valuable to boost website traffic. 

Google+ Web Marketing Therapy business page

Link, Sync, and Think

There are so many wonderful social media marketing options that professionals can leverage to brand, build, and boost business. Before you move onto new channels, optimize the channels you already have with the tips above, then branch out. The name of the social media marketing game is to:

Link your social media to each other when you can. Have widgets on your website and blog to help give your customers choices on how to engage with your company. Make sure all the social media channels you use a link back and forth to each other whenever possible. Here is an example of a blog that has links to its social media channels like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, and back to its website.

Links on the blog page to other social media channels

Sync your social media when you can. Take advantage of syncing tools, such as automatically syncing your blog to LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. YouTube videos can sync up with your Facebook page and LinkedIn company page. Think about creative ways you can use social media's marketing power for the good of your business. Oh, you already did that by reading this article! Nice work!

Enjoy your professional social media marketing process. Small steps can make a big difference, so take these ideas and implement what you can over time.

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