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Reasons to start blogging
  • Feb 19, 2021
  • 2 minutes

Reasons to start blogging

In the 1990′s people started to set up websites known as weblogs, a term which has been colloquially evolved into the term blog. A blog is an internet website where users post a regular article, providing commentary, information, news, and various other forms of posts. Why do individuals start blogging? Below is listed a small sampling of the reasons that people get into blogging.

For your Business 

After the wave of blogs started to hit the internet, corporations and other companies saw the potential to be closer to their customers. As a result, companies started to form blogs that would provide news about what is going on in the company and products that are soon to be released. Comments on the blog allow a dialog to form between the consumer and company, giving real-time feedback to a company regarding its products and giving the consumer a feeling of being close to the company.

For your Career 

Many bloggers start their blogs with the intent of making money. The primary vehicle for this monetary gain is advertising revenue. When a blog is doing well, advertisements on the site will give the site owner money for every click on the ad. Even if the blog owner will only have one in a thousand visitors click on an ad, given that some blogs experience millions of hits a day. This can add up really quickly, especially if the blog owner is maintaining multiple blogs.

As a Hobby 

A lot of blog owners are not in it to make money or promote their company. Some are in it because they have a hobby and would like to share their experiences. Model builders, athletes, board game enthusiasts, these individuals can share their hobbies, informing others while learning from visitors to the site. Site owners can show off their talents, which can lead to job opportunities for the blog owner in their field.

To spread Information 

Some blog owners are in it to inform their readers, by collecting information from many other sites. These sites will collect information from a number of web sources all related to a common theme. This allows other users a central hub within which to obtain information from many different sources, tailored to a central theme or field of interest. These bloggers may hold other reasons as well, but their passion with respect to their chosen field.

For Personal Reasons 

Another good reason to blog is for personal reasons. There are a number of blogging platforms that are ideal for personal blogging. Personal blogging is blogging about your daily life, relationships, dreams, beliefs, worries, and other subjects relating to your existence. Personal blogging doesn’t involve selling products or pushing brands, but rather is just about sharing yourself with your readers.

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