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Professional social media optimizations for small business
  • Nov 17, 2020
  • 3 minutes

Professional social media optimizations for small business

Small businesses have big marketing potential when it comes to professional social media use. Social media marketing is more than using tech tools, it's how the tools are used strategically that makes marketing magic. Here are some professional social media marketing ideas and optimizations that can be put to work quickly and easily for branding, building, and boosting your business.


To get the most mileage from your Twitter account as a business-boosting tool, be sure that your profile clearly says who you are, what you do and links to your website or blog. Take the time to write your profile so it is marketing-ready. That small profile character count can make a large impact to increase searches within Twitter and secure followers. Example: Realtor Stephanie Young's profile on Twitter shows her authentic personality but also her profession and reads: "Wife, Mom, Realtor", in that order.

Customized Twitter profile

You can also optimize the background design of your Twitter page so that it is customized to your business. The design can include important marketing points like your logo, business phone number, website, and email. Integrate your Twitter design with your brand to boost business actions. Look at other businesses on Twitter to get ideas, then optimize the background design so your Twitter page is on brand and on purpose.

Customized Twitter page

If you blog, your blog can automatically feed into Twitter with easy-to-use free tools like And be sure to tap your inner "web gemologist" and share tweets that are "gems" of information. People want relevant, valuable, and entertaining content on Twitter - not a bunch of sales content. If you are an active Twitter user, make sure there is a visible Twitter widget on your website and/or blog. Last Twitter professional optimization tip: don't discount the value of a nice, smiling profile picture. This warmth can help you attract customers. A photo can be taken by a friend or with a photographer, whatever works best for your budget.


LinkedIn can be more than just a professional networking opportunity; it can also be a piece of marketing collateral to build visibility and credibility for your business. First things first, start by making sure your personal profile is complete. Most of us set our LinkedIn profiles then forgot about them. Go back to the "Edit Profile" feature and make sure it is up to date! Take advantage of all the new profile features, they are added all the time. Are you using descriptive words that people might be searching for that communicate your products or services? The more you accurately communicate what you do professionally with descriptive phrases, the more likely you are to get searched and found by prospective clients or other professionals who can support your business. Take time to include a robust summary that puts your best foot forward.

Make sure your profile links to your website(s) and blog and links to your Twitter account as well. Your blog can also automatically feed into your profile, you just go into the "Add Sections" area when you are under the "Edit Profile" setting, and under Applications, you can add a blog feed. Look for this on your profile to get started.

Linked in - add sections

Once your professional profile is updated, be sure to take advantage of the Company page profile option on LinkedIn. You can get more visibility for your company when you set up your LinkedIn company page by visiting You will want your company description to be rich with words that you want to be searched and found on (just like your personal profile). If you already have a company page, you can optimize it by adding to the new Services tab (see below) and expand more on what you do. You can link your blog to your company page and even embed videos to your company page.

Linkedin company profile

If you would like to connect more with customers and partners on LinkedIn, add a simple widget on your website or blog. Having a company page on LinkedIn also helps people who see your employees' personal pages see more about your company because their personal profiles will connect to your company profile all through the automatic syncing LinkedIn offers.


Facebook TabsFacebook can be more than just sharing photos and socializing with friends; it can be a great hub for business communications. A Facebook business page can help funnel customers to a place where they can communicate, collaborate, and you can offer customer service.

With tools like Networked Blogs, you can automatically sync your blog to feed into your Facebook business page.

Buying ads on Facebook may also be worth exploring if you want to gain more professional awareness of your website or get people onto your Facebook page. You can explore the targeting options before you buy by playing with the "Create an Ad" feature on Facebook

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