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Ocean Floor: The Level to a New World
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  • Mar 16, 2021
  • 2 minutes

Ocean Floor: The Level to a New World

A gleaming surface of briny water where we can spend our weekends and holidays is all that a generic person knows about marine. What comes to a civilian's mind when they hear of the word sea or ocean is a sandy surface where kids are making sand-castles and adults are relieving their body by sun-bath or a cruise ship giving a memorable tour to the people on-board on and through the deep ocean. Very few among these know that there exists a whole different world beneath the surface they are living on.

Under the sea, there is also a surface where a being can walk or sit, it is termed as Ocean floor or Seafloor. Almost all the oceans across the globe have the same sedimented- structure beneath the saline water. These structures determining the depth, sediments, and the layout of the seafloor bedding is determined by the tectonic movements. Individuals focusing on seafloor bedding have to go through the concept of deep-ocean trenches and mid-ocean ridges in other words we can coin it as Marine Trenches and Ocean Ridges. Here, marine trenches are actually topographic depressions on the surface of the seafloor, generally, the width of these depressions are small but they are very lengthy. And coming upon ocean ridges, these are just the opposite of what the trenches are. Ridges are actually the mountain-like systems on the seafloor the only cause of forming is plate tectonics, it is just the same phenomenon by which the mountains were formed on the surface of the earth millions of years ago.

The sea bed was explored by a submariner named Alvin, further, it was reached out by many of the scuba divers with special equipment. When people came to know there exists a floor level deep down the sea, they were fascinated and were very much keen to know that what actually lied beneath the world they lived in. After several operations and missions, they were able to collect the sediment sample of the sea bed and on researching upon it, people found that it was way more fertile than what we find on the surface of the earth. Also, after exploring the sea bed globally it was found that it is also very rich in Nickel and Cobalt.

There is a community of organisms called Benthos, they are only found in and around the ocean flooring and the area in which they are found on the sea bed is known as the benthic zone. More of the plants found on the seafloor are seagrass, mangroves, and sea grapes out of which seagrass are the underwater floral plants and extreme beauty.

Thus, it can be undeniably said that seafloor is actually a door to the whole next level world with so much of amaze and surprises. Also, these days the mapping of the seafloor is done with the help of satellites, which undeniably tells us that we have come a long way since we had discovered and explored the ocean floor bedding.

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