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Music blogging
  • Feb 22, 2021
  • 2 minutes

Music blogging

Adding music capabilities to your blog or your myspace can be a really excellent way for you to add atmosphere to the pages, further personalizing them for those who visit. When it is done right, adding music to your blog is something that can make it unique and enjoyable without necessarily putting off any of your visitors. 

It used to be that adding music to your website meant embedding a single sound file onto your page, focusing your readers and visitors alike to sit and listen without any capability for stopping the sound short of turning their speakers down. 

Thankfully there have been great strides in music technologies and website technologies that have surpassed this point by far, allowing you to take advantage of a wide variety of different musical options for adding music to your blog website to spice it up a bit.

For starters, there are music players that are intended for being embedded into blogs. These blog music players allow your readers to select from a diverse group of different songs, choosing to pause them at playing them at their own will rather than based on the will of the underlying HTML code. 

This is not only an excellent opportunity to provide your readers with variety, but it is also absolutely necessary so that your reader can make the most important decision: music or no music? As much as you enjoy your music, there is no telling what your reader wants to hear. Better safe than sorry is an excellent adage for such a situation. 

Forcing your readers to listen to your music may actually turn them away from your site because it can be irritating to them and can discourage them from staying on the site for very long at all.

In this realm of thinking, there are a number of different options for you to choose from. One such example is the Easy Listener web music player, allowing you to put together your own unique playlist. This program is not hard at all for you to set up, and it will allow you to play music from the web using mp3 links. 

You may also like to try out the number of different radio player widgets that are available on the internet, many of which are designed specifically to integrate fully with your blog platform. Other options that are available to you include Finetune, Sonific, RGB, and MOG. All of these widgets make it possible for you to add a music player to your website or blog, meaning that your readers can play music while browsing your blog if they choose to.

One of the best music widgets on the web today is Muzicons, which is a relatively new widget with a lot of functionality and potential. It is one of the easiest to use and set up and only requires that you upload mp3s and choose settings like the color of the player so that you can personalize it.

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