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Instead of Resisting The Reality, Do This!
Personal Development
Health & Fitness
  • Nov 8, 2021
  • 1 minute

Instead of Resisting The Reality, Do This!

The biggest waste of our time and energy is fighting against what is happening or what has already happened.

Have you noticed how much you tend to resist the reality?

By wishing it were different

By ruminating over the thought “it shouldn’t have happened”

By constantly asking yourself “how could it have been prevented?’

The problem with resisting the reality is that it’s taking us away from the present moment and all the possibilities we have to bring a positive change to our reality.

You may think “If I accept the reality, how can I bring change to it?”

That’s the whole magic of “loving what is” (thank you Byron Katie)

When you stop wresting with the reality, you come into a space of alignment

When you take a deep breath and surrender to “what is”, you come into a space of alignment

From a space of alignment, ask yourself “if I accept…. (fill in the blank), what would I do?’

Write down the honest answer and ACT upon it.

Then see how much lighter you become, how much clarity you get about the situation and how fast things start changing for better.

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