Human figure drawing fast and easy

Feb 15, 20211m read
Human figure drawing fast and easy
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Human figure drawing fast and easy? It is possible for everybody, you don't need even drawing experience. Sounds like a joke but my approach really helps to fulfill this task. The secret is in replacing hard obtainable skills with a simple framework and few geometrical shapes. My method demands some training, but it doesn't take much time.

A friend of mine, a fashion designer, asked me once to help her with this technique. She of course could find on the Internet lot of videos teaching how to draw the croquis using a 10-head method just like they do in fashion college. But it wasn't what she needed. The question was not about fashion illustrations. She wanted to be able to draw quick sketches for herself while working on some ideas. Some kind of figure-in-one-minute drawing to look how definite kind of clothes fits the figure. And she wouldn't be satisfied by wirelike schematics, she wanted something vivid and elegant but quick. 

The main problem when we are trying to draw a human figure even in a very simple upright position is that we lose proportions. You could find on the Internet lot of videos teaching how to draw the figure proportions using a 10-head method just like they do in fashion college. But this is a method for drawing professional fashion illustrations and it takes a lot of time. 

The solution I offer is not a sophisticated one: a simple framework helps to keep proportions and some geometrical shapes help to mark main body parts. This simple framework you can draw by few lines. And it might be even simpler when you get some experience.

And, in fact, you can use this approach even if you have already advanced drawing skills. Main proportions stay the same for a long time drawing with shading, anatomy, perspective as well as for quick sketch.

You can take a closer look at my system - my course "Fashion Figure Sketches, Quick and Easy" is hosted on Grinfer.

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