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How to teach portrait sketching to everyone?
Personal Development
  • Feb 17, 2021
  • 1 minute

How to teach portrait sketching to everyone?

For me as a teacher main challenge is to create courses that would allow teaching drawing to any person. My goal when I was creating my new course "Portrait Sketching Easy" was to help everybody master portrait sketching skills.

Drawing a portrait is considered a complex task. In a classical way, you first need to study anatomy, structure, shading techniques, the basics of perspective. And only then you can start drawing the head. But in fact, we don't need anatomy and perspective for sketching in two main positions, they are simple enough.

So, I used about the same approach as in my previous courses: a simple framework and some geometrical shapes are helping to keep proportions and inside this markup, you can easily place some individual features responsible for portrait similarity.

All the persons have their own unique characteristics. I call it key features of similarity. To master the practical skill in sketching the portraits first you are depicting the sets of face parts from different people in order to understand how the individual features of one person differ from another.

Knowing the basic proportions of the head and face allows us to avoid mistakes and draw the correct head. Showing the specific features of a particular person we make this head a portrait.

If you want to take a closer look at my system you'll find on Grinfer my course "Portrait sketching easy. Full face and profile view".

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