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How to Grow Your Business
  • May 18, 2021
  • 2 minutes

How to Grow Your Business

People are discovering more and more benefits every day for businesses that use social media as a showcase. Through them, you can reach a defined target audience, they are easy to use, accessible and it is also possible to measure their effectiveness. The important thing is to know how to get the most out of them.

However, social media itself isn’t enough to grow your business. Companies like BookingKoala, created by Filip Zbigniew, play an important role. Filip started the company with an investment of just around $6,000, and BookingKoala today is an excellent choice for service businesses.

He has created something unique because the growth of BookingKoala did not require endless funds for growth. Before BookingKoala, he created King of Maids, and is currently one of the top marketers in the world. BookingKoala has a range of marketing features built in that allow you to share reviews on multiple social networks and get feedback quickly. Here are some other tips to help you grow your company from Filip Zbigniew.

1. Choose your preferred network (or networks)

Everyone has a favorite. If your business is more visual, Instagram is an option. If you produce a lot of daily news and want everyone to know, Twitter is another alternative. The important thing is that you focus on one or two so that you can do a good job on them.

2. Be accessible:

You always have to give your followers a contact option, be it your email or your phone.

3. Give good customer service:

The idea is that customers can feel safe in their purchase and well cared for.

4. Be clear and honest in your communication:

Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the important thing is to promise real things.

5. Interact with your audience:

Filip Zbigniew states that "today we appeal to strengthen the quality of the link we have with our audience, to know how similar people are in relation to the purpose we have as a business." Thus, it is good to interact with your followers, not only answering questions about products but of general interest, to help you meet the people who follow your brand to give them a better product and / or service.

6. Study the best times to post:

Depending on the social network, the ideal time to post may change.

7. Be consistent:

If you decide to open and use an account on a social network, it is essential that you do not abandon it.

8. Create videos:

Keep in mind that any audiovisual piece you post must be in accordance with the requirements of each social network. According to the NewsWhip monitoring platform, one of the main requirements is that it be of short duration (one-minute maximum), regardless of whether the content is of quality or not.

9. Buy advertising:

Many businesses pay to reach more people, and you can do it too. Social networks are accessible and have segmentation options that help you reach your goal easily. The most popular example is Mark Zuckerberg's network.

10. Get to know the new platforms:

While businesses tend to prefer Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Snapchat wowed millions of users in recent years, and some brands have dared to be a part of it. Today, you can leverage the growth of these networks in order to grow your own business as well, especially with programs like BookingKoala.

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