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How To Be a Better Producer – Tips by AXL Beats
Personal Development
  • May 27, 2021
  • 3 minutes

How To Be a Better Producer – Tips by AXL Beats

AXL Beats is one of the leading drill rap musicians in the UK. His drill rap music has become incredibly popular and at just 20 years of age, AXL has made quite a name for himself. Inspired by the drill rap scene in Chicago, he began creating music, and eventually became one of the shining stars on the scene. Today, AXL is working with some of the biggest names in the industry. Needless to say, he’s got a tip or two to share about the music production scene.

It is our training and our education, what we invest in things that cannot be touched, sold or bought, that will lead us to the exponential growth and professional sound that we all have in our heads.

If you want to know more precisely what I mean, here are seven tips that will grow your intellectual side instead of your plugin folder and that, without a doubt, will lead you to a better final sound.

Listen to more Music

Not your mixes. I am referring to commercial music that is consumed today by other human beings. The music you want to compete with on a sound level.

Mixes made by magnificent and highly experienced professionals of the trade can serve as inspiration and as an object of analysis and study.

Try to do it in the system in which you work and, in addition, try to develop a critical ear to be able to analyze each time you listen and be able to take note of details at two levels:

Technician: Listen, analyze and think about how they have come to a sound like the one they have and what procedures can lead you to achieve something similar.

Artistic: Listen, feel and try to find what makes your favorite songs be. Look for the emotion of each song and try to analyze how it is transmitted and what resources you know to do it in your own work.

Optimize your Listening System

If you haven't invested in a good pair of monitors/headphones or treated the room you work in, that's probably the main reason for your lack of precision and efficiency to get great results. Just as no one can operate a cat with firefighter gloves, no one can mix a song without a fairly reliable listening system.

While the listening environment is not dramatic (good headphones take the influence out of it), it is crucial to have the ability to work your sound precisely. Getting a pair of flat response monitors and some acoustic treatment for your room is an investment that will undoubtedly lead you to be more precise and, therefore, to achieve better results in your Home Studio.

In the Interactive Home Study Manual (which I give to all subscribers - get it by clicking here ) you can learn more about equipment assembly and low-cost acoustic treatment that can be extremely useful if you want to take the plunge.

If you want to dedicate yourself to this and obtain truly competitive results, you must think about your Listening System and your room.

Develop a working method

It is essential to have a Working Method and a Mix Template ready to start each and every one of our projects.

An efficient method will allow us to always go step by step following an itinerary with a series of routines that will lead us to be more precise. That will give us the ability to analyze and reason through each step rather than mixing lightly, which will solidify our knowledge by mere trial and error. But we won't make the same mistake more than once (hopefully…). And when it comes to testing new routines, we will know exactly where we can apply them.

In addition, we can go back over old sessions and get to work in a matter of seconds, since everything will always have the same location on our virtual mixing console.

Finally, if we want to collaborate with other musicians/producers/artists, having a consensual working method will be crucial for fluid communication and full effectiveness.

Master your Mixing Software

It does not matter if you are a lover of Logic, Ableton, and Cubase ... since you should be able to handle it at a sufficient level so that, when you are in the middle of mixing a project, all your problems are artistic and never technical.

It goes without saying that if you give service to third parties, nobody wants to pay a guy who barely knows how to handle his own tools. Would you go to a dentist who is learning to use the drill that files teeth before filling a cavity?

There are many DAWs out there and they are all very effective tools. It is true that Pro Tools is the industry standard worldwide, but it is not the only software that will give you professional results.

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