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How to achieve your daily happiness
Personal Development
  • Jan 11, 2021
  • 2 minutes

How to achieve your daily happiness

How to achieve your daily happiness:

  • Find your 80/20 in business. Find where 80% of your profits/sales/results come from as that is usually 20% of your business’ products, customers, focus. Dump the other 80% that yield little to nothing and use that time to let your mind relax, be creative, and better focus on the 20% that yield the most. I had this opinion early in my corporate career as I have never chased around the little sales, and just focused on the big clients. That landed me top sales for the company and I had less stress.
  • Networking is the key to all business and other things that you can make happen. It’s easier to get things done with people you know. Also, some of the most successful business people I know are just as down to earth as you or me, and probably would gladly help out anyone if they could. This doesn’t mean you have to keep a Rolodex and everyone on speed dial as that is not simplifying life. So, just smile and talk to people. You never know where the conversation may lead. Expect nothing from them, focus on how you could help them out, and don’t treat them any more special than you would want to be treated yourself. It’s amazing what can come out of meetings and people will always remember those that helped them, not those that just wanted something from them. The universe has a way of putting people in front of you during certain times so keep a lookout for anyone around you, as the guy sitting across from you in a t-shirt and shorts could be a multi-million dollar private investor looking for the next great business idea you just never know.
  • Do a monthly plan to see where all your money is going. It’s easier to control your spending than making more money. Would you rather have fancy things and be stressed out making $100k a year or would you rather have nice things and be happy with more free time at $35k a year? The choice is yours of course but at the end of the day, I would bet the person making $35k still saves more money in the bank.
  • Simplicity is just making the choice to be happy with what you have now. It doesn’t mean you can’t have ambitions or want a race car, it just means your happiness is not based on achieving those goals. We all came into the world with nothing and that is what we will leave with. None of us ever own money, we just keep passing it around, as people pass it to us, and we pass it to someone else. 
  • Stop giving ownership to it, you don’t own it and that mindset is where all stress comes from. In fact, your bank probably has more control of it than you do. Money is a tool, use it wisely but don’t base your happiness on needing that tool, as you need things like food and shelter, and money can “get” those for you but money is not what you need. 
  • Find true happiness in simple things, people, activities, and then your emotional state will never be dictated by what you do or do not have. You can live in a big mansion or a small ranch, you could have several million dollars in a bank or ten dollars, it’s your choice. Just be able to be equally happy with either scenario, and the world is yours to enjoy every day!

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