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Having a Writing Routine Will Increase Your Productivity
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  • Mar 9, 2021
  • 2 minutes

 Having a Writing Routine Will Increase Your Productivity

If you are a new writer, surely you are facing unexpected inspiration and productivity challenges.

After some research, and gathering my personal ups and down experience as a writer finally, I figured out the TOP SECRET for being a successful writer.

This is something I tell myself every day: If you want to be a writer, then writing is a habit you should incorporate into your daily routine. Implementing a writing routine is the TOP SECRET to increase your productivity and be a successful writer. You didn’t expect this? This what the writing game is about.

Here I tell you how keeping a writing routine will make a difference in your motivation mindset and help you to empower yourself to keep writing.

1. Creating a writing routine is about prioritizing your time

So you don’t forget about this task or to be left almost at the end of the day when all your energy is over. If you leave writing for the latest activity to be done at the end of the day, you will surely quit soon because you feel tired enough to go to sleep. Like any other activity, give writing a specific time whenever you can be focused.

2. Repeating an activity over and over again will improve your skills

In Spanish, we say: “La práctica hace al maestro”, which means that by practicing too much, eventually, you become a master. If you want to become a better writer there is not a shortcut but to practice: write, write, write, write, write, write. Oh, almost forget: keep writing.

3. You have to train your brain as a muscle

There is no way your brain brings innovative ideas to write if you don’t train your brain to do so. The more you write, there more ideas and inspiration you will get. You will achieve that your brain is working-out on bringing ideas to write from the different stimulus you give to it.

4. You can track your goals

Remember that big changes are achieved by small goals every day. There comes a point when you have no motivation to go further and you feel stuck. But, if you compare what you did last month, with your present writing; you will realize that you had an important improvement in your writing

5. Writing is about progress, not perfection!

As simple as it is. There is no way to improve but to keep yourself on the track. It doesn’t matter if today you write more or even less than yesterday, but to keep doing it!

I hope this is also useful to all of those who are also new writers. We all can improve by making little steps every day. “Lento pero seguro”, as we say in Spanish.

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