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Free yourself from stress, anxiety and fear
Personal Development
  • Jan 12, 2021
  • 3 minutes

Free yourself from stress, anxiety and fear

Stress, Anxiety, Fear

We all experience different things, some of us more than others but we all feel them to some degree. To overcome these problems we must get over some of the following truths and realize:

  1. As long as you progress in your life and experience new things, you will experience fear. It is a healthy emotion we all have to stop us from doing stupid things.
  2. The only way to get rid of fear is to go out and do what needs to be done. The things we fear are never as bad as they seem anyway.
  3. It's not only you who experience fear when doing something unfamiliar. Everyone does, even the most outgoing seemingly comfortable/laid back people are scared of unfamiliar territory.
  4. Pushing through your fear and anxiety is easier and better than the feeling of helplessness being scared leaves you with.

Once we realize that fear is something normal, it is easier to accept it and move on with whatever needs to be done in life. If you upset or angry use that energy to do something constructive like clean your room, go for a hard workout, or just go for a run.

You Have Power

Realize that you and no one else has the power over your thinking. Most people associate power with being a big earner, big shot, or someone in control of many people or things. We all ultimately have the same amount of power, and that is the ability to think and do what we want; It is your choice to feel upset, your choice to feel sad, your choice how you react to situations.

Once you realize this, it is easy to shut-up your mind's pain-body or chatterbox which tries to feed on negative thoughts or emotions. When you feel these thoughts coming through your head just ignore them and allow them to pass, all they do is feed your mind negativity. Realize that you have total control over this and there is no need to think any negative feelings and let them manifest.

Being Positive

We all have the power to be positive with our actions and our mindset, unfortunately, most people use weak and negative language while speaking. How many times have you said I Should when you can say I Could or how often do you hear someone saying I hope to lose 5 pounds this month when they could be saying I Will lose 5 pounds this month.

These things sound somewhat trivial, but never underestimate the power of our subconscious and by using positive vocabulary you will be shocked at how much better you feel. So try to get into the habit of being positive when speaking.

Positivity is also a mindset to get into the habit of seeing problems as something you can learn from and turn them into opportunities. Once you realize that a negative mindset will ALWAYS compromise your ability to deal with any situation whether it be an illness or fear of losing your job. You have Power over your mindset, so don’t let it drag you down.

Remember that when something worth worrying about comes along all you can do is deal with it, so be confident that whatever comes your way “You Will Handle It” and learn from the experience.

Summing up

This post came to light when I was feeling down a few days back. I was manifested with feelings of fear and anxiety. I managed with it. This started by going for a workout, and appreciating how lucky I am to be able to workout! Realizing I had power over my thoughts and actions was truly liberating. I know that even if bad things happen I will handle them when they come around:

- Accept fear as a part of life and healthy emotion.

- Realize you have Power over your thoughts and actions.

- Go and do something constructive.

- Be Positive with your Mindset and Language.

- Take total responsibility for your actions and feelings.

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