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Fat burners and nutrition supplements
Health & Fitness
  • Jan 12, 2021
  • 1 minute

Fat burners and nutrition supplements

The only thing that ‘Fat Burners’ have is the fact they contain caffeine which actually does help your body burn fat in various ways including handling blood sugar levels and releasing fat stores. Caffeine is also a great pre-workout stimulant it will give you mental clarity and let you work harder. That's why I suggest natural stimulants that won’t cost you the earth and contain enough caffeine to help you burn fat and exercise harder.


Always black: have a nice shot of espresso or a cup of americano before exercise. This is the purest and most reliable form of natural caffeine I have found and it's cheap. A small bag of coffee will cost you a fraction of what a tub of fat burners costs and will save your health and get you the same results. Experiment with coffee and see how it best works for you!

Yerba Mate

This stuff is great. It's a traditional tea from South America and very popular in places like Argentina, and Brazil. It has a great effect on heating up your body and will help activate the fat burning process. It also gives a slightly more relaxing kick than coffee so it can be a great alternative for those who don’t fare too well with coffee. This stuff is also cheap and can be bought at most health stores (make sure you get the loose variety and brew it strong). Yerba Mate is packed full of antioxidants and minerals which is an added bonus to its cleansing, fat-burning properties.

Green Tea

I am sure you have all heard the hype about green tea but this stuff really is a great tonic for the body it has been proven to:

  • Raise metabolism
  • Be a potent anti-oxidant
  • Anti-estrogenic
  • Help burn fat
  • Relax the mind and body

Again make sure you get the loose variety, its cheaper and fresher. I try to have a few glasses a day and this is the best option for those who don’t do well with any caffeine whatever the form.

Don’t waste your money on fat burners

Hopefully this article has saved a few people from burning away there money on useless supplements, and given you some ideas for a more natural route. I tend to have a coffee pre-workout or when I need a lift and sip of green tea throughout the day, this is what I have found to be the optimal way to get the most out of natural stimulants without any adverse effects.

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