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Color factor to design Brand Logo
  • Dec 2, 2020
  • 4 minutes

Color factor to design Brand Logo

Choosing the right type of Colours plays a major role in catching the attraction of your target audience, as per a study colors helps as an influencer in branding as different colors have a significant impact on our subconscious mind and it stays with us.

It is very important to choose the right Colour for your Business as each color communicates differently and they should be in sync with the Business/services you offer, not choosing the right color may lead to brand image falling intensely.

Below I am sharing some of the colors and the emotions and feelings they convey to our brain, also the importance of colors in the conversion of your lead into sales is shared.

Colour Coding


Red is a color that draws immediate attention because of a sense of alertness it carries, a color for deep emotions, anger, heat, danger, this bold and energetic color depicts strength, power, and confidence.

In India, you will spot red color on food packages to decode the item as NON-VEGETARIAN so people are aware before making a purchase.

Example of Brands with Red Colour — Coca-cola, Toyota, Oracle, Honda, Budweiser, Malboro, Nescafe, Pinterest.


Orange Resembles freshness, energy, and fun. the color is also associated as a youth color. This is the only color which is also a name of the fruit and so Orange color delineates qualities associated with healthy and Vibrancy.

Example of Brands with Orange Colour — Nick, JBL, Harley Davidson, Fanta, TNT, Blogger, Mastercard.


A color that is far more than a symbol of femininity, Pink is delicate and soft on the eyes brand which is used by personal care brands and desserts and cupcake makers. Also used to break stereotypes by spreading awareness on various women issues Pink is a color of freedom.

Example of Brands with Pink Colour — Eagle Boys Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Barbie, Taco bell, Cosmopolitan, Dunkin Donuts, LG.


A bright color which is also known as the color of sunshine, this color reflects from a distance and this is the main reason almost all countries use this color on the top of their Taxi’s, police cordon off tapes and life vests. This color resembles Youthfulness, energy, a sense of caution, and gains swift attention. Also, the smiley’s I use in chats are mostly in Yellow, my girlfriend uses the red one more though :(

Examples of Brands with Yellow Colour- Lays, Snapchat, MC Donalds, Nikon, CAT, Ferrari, Burger King, DHL, CAT, National Geographic.


A color with a sense of Trust, reliability, royalty, communication, Blue is also associated with peace and tranquility with Sea and Sky resembling colors and characteristics.

Examples of Brands with Blue Colour — America Express, Facebook, Dell, IBM, Pepsi, Visa, Paypal, HP, Intel, GE, Boeing, Nokia, Samsung, Twitter.


Made with a combination of Blue and Yellow this color is a symbol of growth, nature, environment, wealth, and prestige and with regard to these reasons green color is mostly used on currency notes globally ( 20% of the countries use green color)

Examples of Brands with Green Colour- Tropicana, Spotify, Starbucks, Holiday Inn, Animal Planet, Landrover, John Deere, Nvidia, Fidelity.


Brown is a simple color that represents durability and honesty, this color goes well for organic and products related to nature and harvest.

Example of Brands with Brown Colour- Hershey’s, Magnum, UPS, M&M, LUX, Brown Forman.


This color is associated with a Royal color and is also used to target the female audience as the color signifies sentiments, nostalgia, fragrance.

Example of Brands with Purple Colour- FEDEX, Cadbury, Yahoo, Hallmark, Apollo, Los Angeles Lakers, Benq, Twitch.


Pure, Innocent and Peace are the main characteristics of this color, it represents the simplicity and purity blended well with transparency, choose this color very very wisely as the color can be disastrous when used with fancy patterns.

Example of Brands with White/Grey- Wordpress, Wikipedia, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Apple, Bing, Forbes, Britax.


Symbol of Class, Luxury, and exclusivity this color goes well with elite brands and creates a sense of seriousness towards the brand. Black as a brand color should not be much tempered.

Example of Brands with Black- Jack daniels, Nestle, ZARA, Adidas, Yamaha, PUMA, Blackberry, Colgate, MTV, Sony, Walt Disney, Mont Blanc.

Above are some of the colors along with their characteristics and brands associated with them.


Colors play a very important role in the branding of your product or service, Small change in the color of your Branding according to the target customers can bring an increase in sales to you.

So choose wisely before selecting and see the hidden benefits of them.

About the Author 

Hey reader, I am Sachin, a Revenue-Social Media specialist in the South Asian Market, I am grateful for the platforms like Medium, Quora, and all the knowledge sharing platforms that allow me to share my marketing and life lessons thought.
I am also a Travel and Food blogger @smileytraveller

To all my readers here is my message
" Earn values to life."

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