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Blog posting ideas
  • Feb 23, 2021
  • 1 minute

Blog posting ideas

Despite how much you write, it is possible you may feel that you still have not tapped your target niche. This may leave you feeling like you have run out of content, and wondering how or where you can get ideas for posting with to keep things fresh. 

Well, here are some ideas for you to look into (centering on online money-making schemes):

Make updates on old posts of yours 

If you have been posting about online moneymaking, then you have probably covered such topics as affiliates, blogging, ad-words, and ad-sense. The chances are good that some or all of your information is out of date now, and is in need of edits and updating. 

You could cover things like changes in the terms of service with one of the network partners, or a new platform to blog with that offers new features. Updating details like these will bring more eyes back to your blog, and perhaps garner some new ones.

Be Personal 

A lot of blogs are written in a cold and informal manner. This makes them utterly boring. If you are writing about how to make money online, your readers will likely be more interested in hearing about how you have made money, especially by using the techniques you outline. On the flip side, if things didn’t pan out so well, write about that too. 

Everyone loves a winner, but it’s nice to share in the pain too, so to speak. If all you ever talk about is making money, but your readers don’t always have as much luck, they will eventually leave, seeing you as fake, or unreliable.

Interview experts in the field 

You may not be an expert in the field you choose to blog about, but it can help. Chances are, however, you aren’t. So inviting an expert to a questions and answers meeting could boost your credibility quite a bit. This will be true for an online moneymaking blog too, and you don’t have to be making thousands to blog about it. 

You could write about starting from scratch, what it was like, what worked, what didn’t, and the resulting life’s escapades therein. Having an interview with someone else who has done the same and is making good money now would be an excellent boon to your site. 

You could also interview people involved in the advertising networks you work with or other popular bloggers of your line. This can also open up networking channels for you and your readers.

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