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Advancement in Reading Culture with Growing Technology
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  • Apr 19, 2021
  • 1 minute

Advancement in Reading Culture with Growing Technology

Reading is one of the oldest habits of human civilizations. If it is researched and surveyed precisely, it can be depicted that reading is the most common habit among the great personalities of all times. But, reading in the 21st century is actually a way different scenario as of what we can imagine of it hundreds of years ago. And the very common and genuine reason that comes for this fact is because of the advancements in the internet and technologies. During ancient times, people read on the stones and leaves which were scribed by thorns. After this era, usage of scriptures began in which people read the sheets of scripts page-by-page, after this age and the revolution of the human civilization took place and people came on to books and notebooks. Printed materials were used to read and gain the information. And then came the technological era, where all the beings are surrounded by gadgets, machines and almost every place is easy internet access. In this (present) age, printed books and sheets are replaced by e-books and tablet PCs with the help of which we can get access to each and every bit of information available on any book anywhere and anytime.

Though advancement in technology made reading a piece of pie to eat it has disadvantages too. Every argument has two faces a good and a bad, good: which is actually beneficial for the society, and bad: which is somewhat harmful and a disgrace to society. So has this advancement of technology in the field of reading.

A few of its disadvantages overprinted reading materials are as follows:-

1. Investment – Previously, reading was a one-time investment task (buy the printed material and read hassle-free anywhere), but today if we want to get access to e-books, we must have an internet connection handy everywhere, which costs us to pay the bills simultaneously.

2. Visuals are affected – In older days, reading was a task that was done in the exposure of ample amount light where it can be read easily. But now, on e-books and laptops, we read with the help of artificial brightness emitted by the gadget’s screen which affects our eyes in the long run.

The above mentioned two arguments provide a firm base to the subject that if the advancement in technology has been a boon to the reading culture then it also has some negative impacts which affect the readers and the surroundings in their life long run.

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