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6 Steps ad 15 Minutes to Maximize your Writing
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  • Mar 9, 2021
  • 3 minutes

 6 Steps ad 15 Minutes to Maximize your Writing

This 6 Steps checklist is for you if you have at least one of these symptoms before or after your writing sessions:

You really want to write but don’t know how to start
2. You spend too many hours facing a white screen on your computer without knowing how to start writing your pitch
3. You are facing writer’s block
4. You feel annoyed by writing because it supposed a hard work task to do
5. You are not enjoying writing anymore despite is your passion

A Writing Routine Works to maximize your writing sessions?

Having a routine is doubtless a great habit. Strong habits help to keep a track of your achievements which again pushes you to go further. Many recognized authors have shared their writing routines, but I trigger to say this is not a reference point to start if you are just starting your writing path. I also have an article about How a writing routine will Increase your Productivity, more focused as a habit. But I realized, once you have the habit, a routine may not be a great idea to become creative

I came to this conclusion after reading from Alessandro Tinchini that: you need to do is set up a writing schedule. So I tried to wake up and go to bed early and define a part of a day for writing and for reading as he suggests but more to be motivated or energized I feel overwhelmed if something happened and I overslept or couldn’t read at 7 pm. Although what Alessandro suggested seems to be a good reference point to start, it didn’t work for me. So I better adapt a writing routine focused on my productivity rather than on my own expectations. 

Instead, I want to share with you these 6 Steps to maximize your writing productivity and more importantly: your time.

Before formally start writing, set a temporizer for 15 minutes

It will help you to be focused on your business and avoid scrolling down your social media.

2. During those 15 minutes write as much as you can. Don’t stop to check spelling, grammar or resources. I call it: speech vomit.

3. Passed the 15 minutes take a step away from the computer and take a little break. You can finally check out your social media.

4. Let your writing simmer for 2 or 3 days to come back again to a draft, make arrangements.

5. Post your article, be happy and promote it everywhere.

6. Repeat over and over again

Follow these steps whenever you feel your ideas are not flowing and you feel you need some hack to push your creativity further. Although this is my everyday writing session hack, in this way I only invest 15–20 minutes making a draft from my speech. Proofreading is another topic that takes me longer.

Promise that after a few of these 15 minutes writing sessions you will feel unstoppable and be able to write more in a more fluent vibe. You will feel more relaxed during your writing process, ideas will come smoothly and you will feel like words are being dictated to you. At least that is what happened to me: my writing process became almost effortless, I finally learned to work smarter, not harder. I was the one who must spend hours, and days to come up with a great idea. In the end, I wasn’t able to achieve that good idea because I got distracted and I was worried too much about my grammar and spelling (which is something that of course matters but not at this point. Hopefully, my try and error experience help you to go straight to your goals. Increase your productivity and maximize your writing sessions. :D Let’s go for it!!!

Thanks for reading-Glad Sea

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