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5 food rules lo live by
Health & Fitness
  • Jan 22, 2021
  • 2 minutes

5 food rules lo live by

I have decided to get to work on 5 simple and easy food rules I try to live by.

Always pay attention to what you are eating. When we eat it's too easy to focus on something else; TV, conversation, a totally obscure in your mind. Unfortunately, this makes us forget what reality is bringing over and we are actually doing “eating” we forget the textures, the flavors, and the smells and just mindlessly munch the food down.

It's fine to talk to someone or watch something on TV while eating just bring your attention back to your food for each and every bite, be mindful, enjoy the crunching and the tastes. Once that bite is down continue a conversation or finish read further into that article. So long as your focus goes back to the food once you take another bite.

Only drink water or milk. Kids these days would all be 100 times healthier if they stuck to these rules. When most of us were growing up the only choice of beverage at home was water or milk, maybe some fresh juice but there was no shooting down of coke, Redbull, and smoothies. 

Drinking calories is not what your body needs, it craves texture and variety which only comes from eating food. Personally, I do not drink milk apart from the occasional bit with coffee or some raw milk. Generally though the rule of “water and milk” is something that should be told to kids and those who are addicted to soft drinks in order to curb their unhealthy habits.

Texture, color, and variety. Food should always contain texture, color, and variety. Looking for these three elements in wholefoods will always lead to a healthy and fresh meal. Here are some ideas to achieve the balance.

Texture: nuts and seeds, celery, and carrots are all great foods for adding texture to dishes.

Color: peppers, beetroot, zucchini, strawberries, and yams add a great variety of fresh and exciting colors to dishes.

Variety: simply buying odd and new things will lead to a diet of variety. Be adventurous try a new vegetable/fruit or type of meat next time you go shopping.

Our bodies can get bored of the same thing and they can become toxic. If you have been having the same breakfast, lunch, or dinner for a while then spruce the dish up or take something completely different.

Eat healthy 80% of the time. We all eat bad or junk food from time to time. The secret I have found is to limit myself to what I really enjoy and that’s it. This makes me eat healthy most of the time but If I am out at a good pizza place or somewhere with really good ice cream I will treat myself. Whether you really enjoy a good curry or a slice of chocolate cake, indulge from time to time.

Local and seasonal fruit. Mangos, bananas, and pineapple from thousands of miles away are available all year round. Due to its sweetness, I find fruit easy to over eat, this rule has helped keep things in check and made the whole process more exciting for me. 

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