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21 Insights for Newbie Lifters (My Mistakes along the Way) 💪🏽
Health & Fitness
  • Jan 12, 2021
  • 3 minutes

21 Insights for Newbie Lifters (My Mistakes along the Way) 💪🏽


Hello, readers! Today, I want to bring you a special edition of what I did to achieve where I am in fitness. I am NOT a fitness expert, and I am NOT certified. I am just a regular person in the fitness community, but a lot of people have been working out since COVID-19 first appeared, I wanted to share my thoughts. For the experienced lifters or anyone in general, if I missed something very important that other people should know, put your phrase in the comments!

And now, I present… 21 Insights for the Newbie Lifters! 💪🏽

  1. I used external motivation/resources to workout, and that would result in me not wanting to workout for days.
  2. My self-doubt is holding me back from training, I feel people would stare at me because I was tiny. I had a lack of confidence to look at myself in the mirror. It’s okay. Everyone starts somewhere.
  3. Trust the process of going fat or skinny to fit. I have eons to complete the journey, I am nowhere near my physical full potential.
  4. When I started going to the gym, I went for the 30–35 lbs (12.5–15 kg), and that resulted in falling and almost cracking my head open from the squat rack. I never got a chance to understand where I stand with the weights. My advice is to first understand your own body.
  5. I used training to prepare me for failure in life, but instead of making progress, I was only setting myself up for failure. Learn how to lift to educate you about failure, but don’t lift to prepare you for failure.
  6. When I decided to train after not training for 2 weeks, I cranked intensity like hell. Bad move. It’s better to ease back into training than going full-on.
  7. Some people prefer Training for Volume > Intensity. Some people prefer Training for Intensity > Volume. Honestly, listen to your body on what it prefers the most, or if you have other commitments, make sure to accommodate your routine for the time.
  8. I wanted to get leaner, despite starting as a skinny kid, so I said, “Imma go on a diet to get leaner”. This is truly a BS approach to fitness. Diet means temporary. Make your nutrition a lifestyle. How did I make my nutrition a lifestyle? I eat food that is healthy AND delicious. But where can I find that? I figured it out. It is a crucial component in fitness. If you don’t have the weights that you need, and you want to be sore on your leg day, figure it out. Don’t have protein in your bag? Figure it out.
  9. Be patient. There are no shortcuts to growth in the gym. Same scenario in life. There are no shortcuts to growth in life.
  10. Set goals that are achievable. I first set the standards too low, and my ego grew(and someone almost got hurt). So I tried setting the standards too high, and I nearly quit because I wasn’t accomplishing the goal.
  11. Trust yourself. I had a belief and a vision, so for now, I have stuck to that belief and to trust myself in achieving that vision.
  12. It’s okay to fail. I failed so many times trying to lift 10 kg at the beginning. Not knowing how to lift, or not being able to get the bar off your chest. It’s okay.
  13. Get rid of those a**holes. If that is the support that anyone uses to make progress, there is little to no chance that dreams are getting anywhere.
  14. Work your a** off. Someone may put in 1% more effort into whatever they are doing at the moment, so make sure that the person who just did an extra 1% is you.
  15. If you are currently looking for supplements to use for training, the ONLY supplement I recommend is a multi-vitamin. Get your nutrition from real foods; they are called supplements for a reason. Supplements are used when you need more of a substance, or you need the vitamin/nutrition benefit by itself. They are not to replace food entirely.
  16. Ignore gym swag. Better to learn the right way than to look for the best gear for your Instagram Stories.
  17. Learn how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. It’s one of the best ways to see progress and discover new potential in you.
  18. Fitness, Knowledge, and Life should not be seen as individual marathons. Instead, look at them as mountains/obstacles to climb. Doesn’t matter if you take just one step today or the whole mountain in an hour, you got closer to your goal.
  19. Educate people about your experience. There is no better way than to share from the 1st person.
  20. Be you and you will be.
  21. Enjoy the journey. Make sure you have fun while at it. 💪🏽

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