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2021 transition to the end of suffering, the awakening
Personal Development
  • Nov 4, 2021
  • 3 minutes

2021 transition to the end of suffering, the awakening

2021 is  an even more difficult year than 2020. I'd like to tell you in what way and give practical solutions as well as the different directions that we could take in 2022.

In 2020 our lives changed forever with covid 19. People died, suffered isolation, committed suicide, lost our jobs.

We were not prepared for this, our governments either. They  didn’t always know how to handle things and sometimes used the situation for political reasons.

We lost trust and confidence.

2021 will be as difficult in a different way.

We have to adapt to our new condition, let go of the past, the way things were and won’t be again. Learn new ways to live, to work; to interact.

We are learning flexibility, resilience, acceptance. But acceptance of our new normal not of the world.

For that we wake up and that is the reason why 2021 is going to be the most challenging year.

We cannot unsee what we’ve seen, unhear what we’ve heard and unfeel what we’ve felt.

It is time to move on and go forward.

What are we waking up from?

The world we created us human beings is NOT the truth.

We were implanted ideas such as difference, hierarchy,  people who at the top of the chain kill people at the end of the chain like something normal, competition, war for ideas that want to be imposed on others, dying for a piece of land, tyranny, violence and cruelty, bullying, isolation, formatting, conditioning, fear based control, lack: lack of food lack of technology lack of resources, lies, manipulation and much more...

All these things are “normal”,. It became the norm in a world where we know about them and we just let them be.

We live in an inverted reality where wrong is good and bad is right.

The result is anger, hunger, suffering, slavery, violence, increase in mental problems and solitude.

But you don't have to continue suffering. With a growing public awareness on the world, thanks to the internet and technologies, we can revert our lives back to happiness and harmony for our own good and the one of all.

The world is NOT the truth BUT a version of what it could be.

How do you know we live in THE reality?

What makes you think it is the truth.

I invite you to go deep within.   

Close your eyes and  ask yourself:

Do I know this world is real because I can apprehend it with my 5 senses?

Do I know this world is real only because I was told?

What makes you think that people who told you "this world is like that and not otherwise are right"? 

Is it because you believe you don’t have the intellectual ability to prove it and they are scientifics so they should "know" ? Even though you don’t really understand what they know about reality. And that's because they actually don’t know themselves, ( ie They give names to things they don't know, so that it sounds like they do know such as "dark matter", "dar energy" when talking about the universe). 

In other words,  they sound clever, you give them credit,  And you even think “by the way millions like me give them credit too” so it means it is true.

But What do we really know? What do YOU really know?

AND Who is the one who knows?

Who are you?

I’m a man a woman I’m young I’am skinny I’m unemployed,I’m rich, poor, tired, stupid, better, I’m less, I’m not worthy. I’m depressed. I like the color red. It reminds me of…  blood what? or maybe just a flower. Not sure.

Who taught you these things?

If you know deep within that you are more than just a few sentences you will see that maybe the world is much more than it appears to be.

Behind the veil of this human experience is a bigger purpose. There is more.

You can only discover it if you give it a chance.

If you are open to these suggestions you plant seeds of transformation that will grow one day. Making you a better and more happy person.

If you are NOT open to these suggestions then you still plant seeds that will still grow one day, but much later and so with more suffering.

We can fear or take action in our own life.

It is time for our mantra


It is used to Free ourselves from suffering and attachment

You can repeat it 7 times silently or outloud all day long and before bed.



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