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Zachary Seckman

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Zach Seckman helps people find their passion in creativity through music.

Zach Seckman is a career musician who focuses on education, writing, and conducting music ensembles. In 2017, he earned a Bachelor of Music Education from Kansas State University. Zach is also the owner and lead teacher of Seckman Music Studio where he teaches music both in-person and online to hundreds of people. 

He has been an active teacher since 2011 specializing in Piano, Percussion Ukulele, and Voice. While he is not teaching, Zach also writes and arranges music, and writes and publishes curriculum for Piano, Drums and Percussion, and a kids band called Little Jammers. 

In 2020, the Seckman Virtual Music Academy was created as an extention of the music studio to offer an option for budding musicians to take classes and learn more on their own time and pace. Through out the year, we will continue to add more courses on Grinfer for piano, drums, ukulele, and other music concepts! 

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