Vansika Agrawal

Vansika Agrawal

🧑‍🏫 Expert, Artist and Illustrator

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I have carved my own path into the art world. There were many big blocks and also bigger accomplishments. All of which lead me to become a Creator.

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Hi, my name is Vanshika. I'm a self-taught artist, apainter and a creative person based out of Delhi, India. Academically, I've done Engineering from Delhi University, working in corporate for a decade and ran the rat race like everyone else. But from very beginning I had my passion for art. Eventually with my 9-to-5 job I started exploring my creative side.

Learning from my passion towards art, I started conducting painting workshops to bring art to masses and explore more. During lockdown 2020, I shifted to the online world and now I teach paintings globally.

I love travelling, I love nature and its views. Their beauty touches my heart in a way I cannot live with out that. I love to create paintings from what I see, and the natural views naturally become my theme. The beauty I see in this world is inspiring and real and encourages me to create beautiful landscape paintings.

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