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An Entrepreneur, a Project Manager, a Communication Specialist and a Digital Marketing Lover

Over 20 years of experience in management consulting with specific focus on communications as a Managing Partner at Management and Development Associates (MDA), a management consulting company. Providing Consulting Services to private, public, non-government and government organizations as well as international corporations, development organizations and donors.

Online Course Instructor at Skillay Academy - 33 online courses published weekly at skillashare.com. Practical tips videos published on YouTube.

University Lecturer teaching the New Venture Development / Business Planning course.

With MDA, we became the best management consulting company in the region

Trained offline more than 10,000 people on various topics for managers and entrepreneurs

Boosted Skillay from 0 to 14k online students in less than 2 years

- More than 20 years of experience in Communications and Public Relations, Management & Marketing Consulting, Digital Marketing.
- Project Management experience in complex Marketing and Communications Projects for various Public and Private clients.
- Management Trainer with experience in delivering results based training programs to various audiences including executive level. Training Expertise in Project Management, Team Building, Leadership, Management, Project Cycle Management, Time Management, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, etc.
- Valuable experience with Digital Marketing, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to contact me, please ping me at any time:

Email ardian.jashari@mda.al
LinkedIn /ardian
Twitter @ajashari
Facebook /ard.jashari.50

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