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After 15 years of working in IT, I'm proficient in a few tools and technologies. The one that gave me more fame was unquestionably OutSystems. I was even awarded Most Valuable Professional. OutSystems is the leading low-code platform and it makes web and mobile development easier as nothing before. Many of the OutSystems developers nowadays weren't even educated or trained as programmers until this opportunity arrived. With 8 years of experience in that wonderful tool, I've started to share my knowledge by talking at events and training people. Having an online platform to do it, seems the perfect way to reach a wider audience. For the past 16 years I've been involved in cinema in many ways. Making festivals, producing, distributing, you name it. I also did a few blogs on the subject and realised I had a stronger technical background than most bloggers. Add to that a master's degree in Digital Marketing. So I started helping them. First with some CSS. Then some plugins. Some SEO tips. And one day I was selling domains, hosting, themes... I can be a great help for people starting for fun or taking the leap to professional blogging.

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Nuno Reis
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