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Michelle Tabares - Illustrator and Cartoonist
Grinfer instructor - Michelle Tabares, Illustrator and Cartoonist

Michelle Tabares

Illustrator and Cartoonist Design
Hello, my name is Michelle Tabares. I am a Florida-based cartoonist, illustrator and educator.
I've studied a variety of different creative disciplines ranging from graphic design, creative writing and drawing, but at this time I mostly focus on comics and illustration at the classes you'll see from me are a reflection of that. I'm a big believer in harnessing inspiration from a variety of sources and in the importance of trying new things and pushing yourself artistically. The two things I love most about teaching others is how much I end up learning in the process and the other is the rewarding feeling that comes from helping other artists grow creatively. Non-art things I love with an undying passion include; drinking tea, absurdist humor, taking long walks, thrifting, caring for plants and sharing cute kitten photos with people I love.
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