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Mac Moses Michael - Artist/Youtuber
Grinfer instructor - Mac Moses Michael, Artist/Youtuber

Mac Moses Michael

Artist/Youtuber Photography

Hello, I'm Mac from Kre8tive Pen.
I've been into art for about 8years now, I started out with traditional art and switch to digital in 2018, but now I use both medium in creating art. My art style is based on portrait and stylized portrait, I love this art style because I feel like I tell a story about someone when ever am creating an art from that reference. I tried going to art school but what I get from there is not what I wanted, I had to switch over to being a self taught artist.

I've never liked the way education works. So I wanted to do something about it. With the classes I produce, I try to separate myself from the general crowd and deliver a class experience rather than some information thrown at a student.

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