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Maac Desmond - Graphic and Motion Designer, 3D Maya Artist
Grinfer instructor - Maac Desmond, Graphic and Motion Designer, 3D Maya Artist

Maac Desmond

Graphic and Motion Designer, 3D Maya Artist Photography
Learn these adobe applications with a friendly and Certified Instructor.

Hi !! Everyone, I am Thanga Saravanan - a Freelance artist from INDIA. I have my own DESMOND STUDIOS in my home town. I really hope my courses will help you do better in everything from your career to your Personal Work or in your business confidence.

I completed my Master's in Multimedia Engineering and done my Master's in 3D Arts and Animation.

I am consistently creating new courses on Adobe Applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, and In 3D Application - Autodesk Maya.

Thank you, Followers, and Grinfer Students.

                            All STOCK IMAGES are attached to every Course that I am used to it.

                                                              You can easily Practice with it.

                                      An Investment is good to get knowledge pays you the best interest

$50 per hour
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