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Lex Aaric - Consultant & Story Teller
Grinfer instructor - Lex Aaric, Consultant & Story Teller

Lex Aaric

Consultant & Story Teller Marketing
Most marketers talk about copywriting and funnels. I talk about stories because I've found that the best marketing comes from creating an emotional connection with your audience by telling them your own story. Whilst storytelling involved copywriting and funnels, they are more about the science of optimisation. Meanwhile the story is the basis and reason for any connection in the first place and beyond. Your story will help you to reach better clients and to keep them longer. To increase your customer satisfaction and increase your Life Time Value (LTV). As markets become more and more over crowded and barriers to entry continue to erode, it's your story that will keep you going. This is my fifth decade in business now. That's my story, what's yours?
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