Layla Aly - Architect and 3D Artist
Grinfer instructor - Layla Aly, Architect and 3D Artist

Layla Aly

Architect and 3D Artist Design
I'm an Architect and 3D artist. I was born in the U.S and raised in Malaysia completing my Bachelors in Architecture in 2015. I have worked as an Architect and landscape designer for about 3 years in the top firm in my area , gaining experienced and skill in a variety of 3D programs. As a designer essentially my best asset is my freehand skills to quickly map out ideas and concepts for further exploration. I joined the ITI scholarship program last year in 3D art where I was introduced to the world of animation and have gained a lot of skills and knowledge on a much wider scale. Through out all my experiences and with all of the knowledge I have gained I feel I have a duty to share it and pass it on to others to benefit from.
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