Jules Allen

Jules Allen

👩‍🏫 Expert, Functional Medicine Practitioner

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Extend your shelf Life! Using nutrition and lifestyle to support vitality and longevity.

I trained initially as a podiatrist and then went on to do a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Communication. I  have a private podiatry practice, specializing in diabetic and arthritic patients, but added to that, while in practice, I studied Exercise Science (SA), Health and Nutrition (UK), and Functional Medicine (USA), with a special interest in genetics.  Functional medicine looks at the interplay between our genes, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and stress and how that relates to health and chronic, non- communicable conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and ageing.

My sub- studies include genetics, pain management, detoxification, gut management, energy management, hormone and sexual health.

I am concerned at the downward spiral in health care and believe strongly that much of our health status lies within our own power.  Education is everything, but most of us do not have the time to sift through this information, to establish what will work for us, in our own unique context.

I have lectured for the Institute of Neuroscience, private corporations and at small workshops.  I am committed to empowering people, so they are informed and can make health choices that will impact positively on their life and vitality.

I also consult on a one-on-one basis, and remain in frequent... sometimes daily... contact with my clients, as they negotiate the changes they need to make, in order to gain, or sustain, health.

I lecture extensively on topics such as:

Understanding Belly Fat
   Insulin and mental acuity
   Breast health and cancer
   Genetics and risk of non-communicable disease
   Genetics and breast cancer
   Avoiding NHI
   Depression and neurotransmitter health
   Power of genetics
   Gut health and the microbiome
   How to lose weight
   Reducing pain
   Benefits of fasting and intermittent fasting

$35 per hour

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