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Joseph Nimoh

👨‍🏫 Expert, Music Composer. Life Coach & Consultant.

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Award winning Pianist and Composer Joseph Nimoh creates music that help people relax, meditate and find stillness in everyday life. His music has been described as peaceful and soothing.
Joseph studied piano with Bob Christopherson at the Berklee College of Music. Joseph has released eight albums. Joseph’s music can be heard on KCUR 89.3 Night Tides, Calm Radio, Spotify, Apple Music, Airless Radio, Pandora, and AccuRadio, but to mention a few.

Joseph’s music is frequently featured on many health and wellness and meditation platforms, such as Insight Timer, Simple Habit, and Relax Melodies. He frequently performs live on the Insight Timer meditation app, where he also teaches courses related to music and wellness.   His vast experience and expertise in music has made him highly sought after music consultant.Joseph is an avid reader and enjoys research related to music and the brain, health and wellness and technology. 

As certified life coach, Joseph has not only helped many of his clients to gain a fresh and informed perspective on challenges they face while helping to bridge the gap between their current circumstances and their expected outcome, but he has also coached and motivated many clients to make life-altering changes.

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