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Me showing my students a freshly baked sourdough bread

My name is iulian and I'm an artisan baker. We live in the countryside, where we move so we'd be able to eat & live as natural as we can...

In 2010 I quit my 9 to 5 hospitality job and city life and together with my family ( wife & 2 kids ) I moved from Bucharest city to an almost abandoned farm in a small village in SW Transylvania - Romania, where we bought a piece of land and a ruined house.

The village it's just near the and National Park and it's situated in one of the most beautiful areas of where tourists can visit many ancient and medieval churches and buildings, not to mention the peaks of Retezat mountains.

Here I teach people how to make their own bread at home, with just 3 ingredients: flour, water, salt, no preservatives or any other strange ingredient added. I also bake bread for our family, friends, for the guests at our farm and for some of the neighbors, offering my breads in exchange with other local products. My bread is available to order online, as well.

I started to offer sourdough bread making classes in April 2011 when local charity foundations propose me to teach a class in the city of . We expect 10-15 participants but at the end we had to make 2 session having 49 people who attended the course.

After that, I start giving the class at our farm where several people spend their summer learning how to make and bread sourdough bread, as well as cooking various other hearty meals and dishes, jams and preserves.

On our small holding we have a veggie garden, we saved and now raise few sheep ( just for the relaxation moments of petting them, not for eating. milking, exploit or harm them in any way ) and an old fruit orchard. Because in 2018 we had plenty of fruits and didn't know what to do with them ( we have so many jars with jams ), I tried to use them as much as I could in my baking.
So, I start experimenting baking with fruits and after a year or so of testing and experiments, I came up with a recipe for fruit based chocolate brownie which does not include any animal ingredients but moreover does not have any added sugar or other natural or artificial sweetener or any added fats and it's preservatives free as well, but I can guarantee that they are as tasty as they could be.

If you'd like to indulge yourself or to impress your family, friends or guests, I’ll be happy to offer you all the support you might need so you can learn how to make delicious sourdough breads & fruit based brownies, cookies and spreads at home, therefore I ’m looking forward to hear from you !

Happy baking,


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