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Evgeniy Stasenko - Fine Arts Teacher and Artist
Grinfer instructor - Evgeniy Stasenko, Fine Arts Teacher and Artist

Evgeniy Stasenko

Fine Arts Teacher and Artist Design

Hello, I'm Evgeniy. I am an artist from Moscow living in Barcelona. I graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University, Fine Arts & Graphic Department and have practiced both fine arts and teaching ever since, for more than 30 years by now. As a teacher, I have always aimed at creating an integral system, a consistent range of methods that would allow me to effectively teach drawing and painting to any person regardless of skills. These methods come as the result of experience; they are tested in practice and proven to give fast results. As well, I have extensive experience in creating specific short-term courses, not to mention fine art workshops, etc. In Barcelona, I organize sketching workshops for tourists. We are sketching the architectural landmarks including such a complex building as Sagrada Familia. Most of my students have zero o close to zero drawing skills, but all of them create lovely looking sketches starting from the first lesson. Such fast progress is possible thanks to step-by-step instructions, a live demonstration, and some tricks and tips explained in the process.

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