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Eleonora Lawson - Birth Companion - Doula
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Eleonora Lawson

Birth Companion - Doula Health & Fitness

Hi, Eleonora here. I am a massage therapist, doula, baby massage instructor, and sling consultant. I have been emotionllay and practically supporting women and their partners and family from pregnancy to six months of family life for almost 10 years.  

I have now created an onlie course on birth preparation. 

From what I can observe in my work, there is a gap between the expectation standards birth preparation sets and the reality women and their parnters meet once in labour. And often even in the last few weeks/ days of pregnancy. 

I have created the '9 Steps to a positive birth experience - The birth you are entitled to have' online course to educate not only on the basic knowledge of what is labour, how to recognise it, how to cope with intensity, natural and synthetic pain relief etc...But also and particularly how to establish a good relationship with your health care provider and how to deal with the unexpected so you always stay in control of your choices. 

You will learn the very elements that contribute to a positive birth experience and will know how this is possible in any birth scenario. 

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