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👨‍🏫 Expert, Wire Service Sports Photographer (Retired)

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You don't have to be at a pro sporting event to take great pictures! (The photo above was taken at a local high school swim meet.)

My journey began on the sidelines of high school football games and progressed into a 'Bucket List' line item. In fact, I started out like many of you, with a passion for action photography and a hunger to learn more.

But initially, I didn't have any instructors or mentors. I had to figure things out largely on my own.
Over time, I got better at taking pictures and landed assignments with small local papers. Eventually, I got a part time gig with a local university, taking photos of their basketball games and from there was 'discovered' by a wire service and ultimately mentored by a Sports Illustrated staff photographer.

While I have won sports photojournlism awards, I have also been recognized for my fashion / beauty work as well. (Finalist in two categories in International Fashion photo competition.) My work has appeared on magazine covers along with adverts for sports publications. (One of my photos was used by Reuters for their international ad campaign.)

After nearly fifteen years as an award-winning professional sports photojournalist (US Presswire, USA TODAY Sports, Reuters), I am offering my experience and advice in this beginner’s class. With well over 10,000 published photos, I believe I have the credibility to guide you through this first phase of your own journey.

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