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Dana Gore - Author, blogger, creator of
Grinfer instructor - Dana Gore, Author, blogger, creator of

Dana Gore

Author, blogger, creator of Lifestyle
Hi, I’m Dana. I’m an author, writer, designer, and video creator. I’ve always been imaginative and artistic. As a kid, I loved to write poetry & sketch my friends’ yearbook pictures (always while I was in class, not paying attention to the teacher). After 20 years in the field of cosmetology, I attended and graduated from Fitness Institute International, Inc. School for Personal Training. I spent 10 years in the health & fitness industry and went on to become a freelance writer & published author. I guess you could say I’ve had my hands in several projects over the years – but the one common denominator has always been creativity. Over the last several years, I've published five books, created my blog over at Iammyimagination dot com and these days, I design printable art products, t-shirts and I create explainer videos.
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