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A little bit of info about me. My name is Chris W and I am the Digital Strategist at The Little Ad Shop.

A few years ago, I was employed as an Online Specialist for a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) company. In this position, I helped clients create and tweak their SEM ad campaigns. While in this position, I realized I was doing more than just SEM. I was doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Ad Copy, and Digital Strategy. In order to establish a foundation in the digital realm, I decided to further my education and training. 

Eventually, I became certified in the fields of Digital Marketing, SEM, SEO, Social Media Channel Management, and Video Creation. Finally, I decided to establish The Little Ad Shop which helps small business owners with digital strategy and social media management solutions. 

For more Small Business Digital Strategy Tips, We're Now Streaming On Your Favorite Alexa Device - Simply Subscribe to 'Small Business Digital Strategy Tips'. 

As a Course Facilitator, I will bring my students relevant classes on Digital Marketing, Data Science, and Social Media Marketing. As a Digital Strategy Consultant, I will help my clients create an online marketing plan to achieve their goals. 

Looking for a good read? For small business, we offer two different titles. "AI In Digital Marketing" is now available on Kindle. The second title is "Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses. Check out our Author Page on Amazon for more info on both ebooks 

We understand that you'd prefer to run your business rather than become a Digital Marketing expert. We can help. Contact us today -

Chris W
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