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Candia Lea Cole

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Hello, I'm Candia Lea Cole, "The Eco-Conscious Cook" and the "Soulful Eco-Lifestyle Mentor." As the founder of Eco-Learning Legacies, I create innovative education tools that support individuals, families, and educators in learning about (and teaching others about) "eco-intelligent" living. My journey to "eco-intelligent" living began when I was a teenager seeking answers about how to heal environmental illness. When I realized that my health challenges were a mirror reflection of the Earth's health challenges, I made the choice to adopt a clean, green organic lifestyle that would heal my body as well as the Earth's terrestrial body. If you're seeking a lifestyle mentor or a health and nutrition mentor who will make learning an inspirational experience, I'm your teacher! Some of my most popular educational tools and trainings include: * 3 Whole Foods Cookbooks * Tabletop TUTORS Info-graphics (125 colorful teaching aids!) * Farm Alarm & Eco Bites (Hands-on food education games) * Eco-Intelligent Farming & Eating Nutrition Curriculum & Training (Cutting-edge nutrition) * Eco-Intelligent Autism Caregiver & Mentor Book & Training (Remedies that Heal vs. Harm) * Eco-Mentor Feminine Leadership Training (6 Steps to Eco-Intelligent Living & Spiritually Awakened Leadership) I hope you enjoy the courses that I offer on Grinfer, which will support you in creating a lifestyle that integrates your personal health needs with the health needs of Mother Earth!

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