Bruno Saez Lopez

Bruno Saez Lopez

👨‍🏫 Expert, UX designer

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Senior UX designer at Stratio Big Data
Hey! I am Bruno UX designer. I work making big data products easy for the people. I love the UX process and help making applications easier to understand. During my more than 20 years of experience i have redesigned websites with more than 6 millions visitis per day and i have worked for BMW, Michel Kors, Mini, Audi, Siemens, Kia, Mazda and many other big clients. I teach UX design process, how to design interfaces (UI) from layouts to colors and typography, how to get a job in UX, how to be better designer using Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD. I also can teach how to make desing systems and put them in your business. Let's talk! Cheers! Bruno
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