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Asunta Simoloka - Health Coach for Diabetes and Vegan lifestyle
Grinfer instructor - Asunta Simoloka, Health Coach for Diabetes and Vegan lifestyle

Asunta Simoloka

Health Coach for Diabetes and Vegan lifestyle Health & Fitness
Health Coach for 1) Diabetes 2) Veganism

Hi there.  I’m a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and Educator.  I passionately raise awareness about how daily habits like diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management affect our health.  I have experience coaching people battling diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity, and other chronic conditions.  

For more than twenty-two years, I have studied the relationship between lifestyle and health and used my knowledge to motivate people to live healthy and help them reach their health goals.  I emphasize a holistic and sustainable approach by encouraging a lifestyle capable of sustaining long-term wellbeing of the whole person as opposed to obsessively looking at short-term solutions to single issues.  

Over the years, I have specialized in coaching people how to:

1) Defeat diabetes through healthy holistic living
2) Follow a vegan lifestyle that promotes good health, saves animals and contributes toward a cleaner planet.  

I look forward to making your journey to better health a fruitful one. See you soon 😊

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