Angelica Zampaglione - Professional Photographer
Grinfer instructor - Angelica Zampaglione, Professional Photographer

Angelica Zampaglione

Professional Photographer Photography
I am a professional photographer graduated at the New York Institute of Photography. I have been working in the field of portrait and event photography for the last 20 years. I have worked with models, corporate professionals, and people who simply wanted beautiful images of themselves and their family. I have also worked as a landscape photographer, contributing to several Italian travel magazines. I've always loved giving photography classes to people who are interested in taking more than ordinary 'iPhone pics'. What I teach is simple but effective and through my lessons, you will learn how to look at your DSLR in a different way, not as a complicated tool to be used only by a few professionals, but as an extension of your own eye. You will learn how to take gorgeous pictures following just a few basic yet effective photography and editing rules.
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